Rhinoceros - White Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros  -  White Rhinoceros
  White Rhinoceros
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  White Rhinoceros at Safari West in Santa Rosa, CA. October, 2011
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  • The White rhinoceros is the largest and most numerous rhinoceros.
  • The male White rhinoceros has much larger horns than the female.
  • The White Rhinoceros is active during the day and night.
  • Adult male White rhinoceros weigh about 5,000 pounds. The smaller females weigh about 3,700 pounds.
  • White Rhinoceros square upper lip that helps them with grazing.
  • The White Rhinoceros is the most sociable rhinoceros, sometimes forming small herds while young.
  • The White Rhinoceros is one of the heaviest land animals.
  • White Rhinoceros often can be found wallowing in water.
  • The gestation period for the White Rhinoceros is around 1618 months.

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