Skyenimals Rescue Center

Welcome to the Rescue Center!

Did you know that there are animals throughout the world that need your help? These may be young animals with no parents to take care of them, animals that wandered too far from their habitat, or animals that are hurt and no longer able to live alone in the wild. These animals need to be rescued!

This is where you come in! Rescue as many animals as you can by earning Skyenimals Credits and paying the rescue cost here in the Rescue Center. Every rescue you make will be recorded on your Rescue Record, will improve your Rescue Rank as displayed in the Rescue Race leaderboard.

Once you earn the highest level of Rescue Rank (Falcon) you can request a *FREE stuffed Skyenimals Zurtle! A real life stuffed animal for you to keep. (*Nominal shipping and handling fees apply).

Rescue Cost: 45
Rescue Cost: 65
Arctic Fox
Rescue Cost: 50
Kangaroo - Western Grey Kangaroo
Rescue Cost: 50
Dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus Rex
Rescue Cost: 90
Squirrel - Eurasian Red Squirrel
Rescue Cost: 50