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  JindoJeff - cheetah
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  I don't remember what zoo this picture was taken at, but I like how the picture turned out.
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  • Rhinoceroses may look awkward but they are immensely strong and well muscled.
  • Some rhinoceroses can run up to 28mph.
  • Rhino horn is NOT medicine.
  • A rhinoceros's horn is made out of hair.
  • Rhinoceros don't sweat. The will wallow in mud or water to cool off.
  • The word Rhinoceros comes from Greek words Rhino (means nose) and ceros (means horn).
  • A young Rhinoceros is called a calf.
  • In the wild, adult rhinoceros have no natural predators other than humans.
  • Observation indicates that many rhinoceroses dislike the smell of humans.
  • Birds often land on Rhinoceroses to pick the bugs off the rhino's skin.
  • Rhinoceroses roll in mud to form a layer of protection from insects.
  • The Rhinoceros is one of the heaviest land animals.

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