Heaviest Land Animals

Everyone knows that elephants are among the heaviest land animals. But, how many more of the heaviest land animals can you name?

Check out the list of the heaviest land animals below and you might find some surprises on the list. Click on the animal image or species name to see more images and details about these heavy weight land animals.

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Animal Image Animal Name Typical Weight Range
African Elephant 8750 to 15500 pounds
Asiatic Elephant 2000 to 6500 pounds
White Rhinoceros Up to 5000 pounds
Indian Rhinoceros Up to 4750 pounds
Walrus 2750 to 4250 pounds
Giraffe 1350 to 4250 pounds
Hippopotamus 2750 to 3000 pounds
Black Rhinoceros 2000 to 3000 pounds
Water Buffalo Up to 2600 pounds
Gaur 1430 to 2210 pounds
Saltwater Crocodile 880 to 2200 pounds
Bison 770 to 2200 pounds
Banteng 880 to 1990 pounds
Mouse 1100 to 1550 pounds
Malayan Tapir 550 to 1190 pounds
Yak Up to 1160 pounds