Brown Bear - Grizzly Bear

Brown Bear  -  Grizzly Bear
  Brown Bear
  Grizzly Bear
  Least Concern
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  A mother and cub Grizzly Bear.
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  • The largest male Grizzly Bears can weigh over 1500 pounds.
  • Grizzly bear fur is typically brown in color with white tips, but can vary from blond to nearly black.
  • Grizzly bears have one of the lowest reproductive rates of all land mammals in North America.
  • Grizzly Bears are nearly vegetarians.
  • Adult male Grizzly Bears tend to be about twice as heavy as females.
  • Adult male Grizzly Bears average weight is anywhere from 300 to 1200 pounds.
  • Female Grizzly bears give birth during hibernation, and meet their young in spring.

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