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  Holding a Tuatara.
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  • Although the Tuatara looks lizard-like, it is not a lizard by scientific classification.
  • Tuatara live only in New Zealand.
  • Tuatara reproduce slower than any other reptile. It can take two to five years between birthings.
  • Tuatara have one of the slowest growth rates of all reptiles, not reaching full size until 35 years.
  • Tuatara can live to be well over 100 years old. Some experts believe that could live as long as 200 years.
  • Tuatara will primarily eat inverebrates like ants, beatles, crickets and spiders. They will also sometimes eat frogs, lizards, bird's eggs.
  • Tuatara can handle cooler temperature than most other cold-blooded reptiles. They can remain comfortable around 53F while most others prefer temps around 77F.
  • There are two species of Tuatara.
  • Tuatara live in burrows.
  • Tuatara are mostly nocturnal.

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