Polar Bear

Polar Bear
  Polar Bear

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  Polar bear sleeping in the grass.
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  Brookfield Zoo
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Polar Bear Facts & Trivia for kids

  • Every hair on a polar bear is transparent.
  • Each hair on a polar bear is hollow.
  • Polar bears have black skin under their fur.
  • A polar bear's favorite food is the Arctic seal.
  • Polar bears can swim 50 miles without pausing to rest.
  • Air-filled fur makes Polar Bears more buoyant and helps keep them warm.
  • A mother Polar Bear gives birth to her cubs in the winter.
  • All Polar Bears are left-handed.
  • Polar Bears are almost completely carnivorous.
  • Polar Bears are the only animal that live on Arctic pack ice.
  • Polar Bear cubs are born underground in snow dens.
  • Only pregnant female Polar Bears hibernate. Others are active year round.
  • Polar Bears have webbed front paws which helps them be powerful swimmers.
  • Polar Bears live in the arctic but not the antarctic.

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