Hyrax - Rock Hyrax

Hyrax  -  Rock Hyrax
  Rock Hyrax
  Least Concern
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  JindoJeff - cheetah
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  Mon Dec 29 19:58:03 2014
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  Rock Hyrax picture from Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida.
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  Brevard Zoo
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  • Rock Hyrax resemble guinea pigs.
  • Rock Hyrax are found across Africa and the Middle East in areas that have rock crevices. They hide in the crevices to escape from predators.
  • To protect themselves, Rock Hyrax go to a lookout spot and make alarm calls when they see a predator.
  • Hyraxes live in heards of up to 80 animals.
  • Rock Hyrax can eat almost any vegetation, even plants that are poisonous to most animals.
  • Rock Hyrax are noisy animals that can make 21 different vocal sounds.
  • Rock Hyrax are also sometimes called rock dassie.

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