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  Hippos are the best animals invented!
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  • The hippopotamus lives in rivers, lakes and West African mangrove swamps.
  • Hippopostamus's closest living relatives are cetaceans (whales, porpoises, etc).
  • The word hippopotamus comes from the ancient Greek word for water horse.
  • There are only two species of Hippopotamuses. The Hippopotamus and the Pygmy Hippopotamus.
  • The Hippo swims and walks underwater with grace despite its massive size.
  • The skin of a Hippo is up to 1 1/2in think and provides great protection.
  • The Hippos main diet is grass, and they mostly graze at night.
  • The gestation period for a Hippo is 240 days, which is short for a large mammal.
  • A mother hippo is fiercely protective of her calf.
  • The nose of a Hippo is covered with sensitive bristles.
  • A Hippo can run faster than a man.
  • The Hippo is the most dangerous animal in Africa.
  • Baby Hippopotamus are born underwater but soon come to the surface for their first breath.
  • Hippos "yawn" as a threat to show they are angry.
  • The Hippopotamus is one of the heaviest land animals.

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