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Chimpanzee Facts & Trivia for kids

  • The vocal Chimpanzee can make more than 30 distinct calls.
  • Chimpanzees are Apes.
  • Most chimpanzees sleep in trees, but some make ground nests. A new nest is created each night.
  • Young Chimpanzees sleep in their mothers nests until about 5 or 6 years old.
  • Chimpanzees live in communities of 15 to 120 individuals.
  • For Chimpanzees most daily hours are spent eating.
  • Chimpanzees mainly eat berries and leaves, but groups will sometimes hunt and eat animals such as monkeys and small antelope.
  • The bare skin on the Chimpanzees face darkens with age.
  • Chimpanzees can make and use tools.
  • A Chimpanzee's arms are longer than it's legs.
  • Chimpanzees open shells of nuts by smashing them with rocks.
  • Chimpanzees will scream and throw things if they think they might be attacked by another animal.
  • Chimpanzees sometimes use medicinal plants to heal themselves.
  • The Chimpanzee is the animal most closely related to humans.
  • Chimpanzees can use tools like twigs.

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