African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog
  African Wild Dog

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  African wild dog puppy
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  • The African Wild Dog is one of the most social canids, living in packs of 30 or more adults.
  • An African Wild Dog pack can hunt very large prey, such as wildebeest, zebra and impala.
  • The African Wild Dog has only four toes on each foot, which is unusual for canids.
  • The African Wild Dog is the world's second largest wild canid (the gray wolf is the largest).
  • The African Wild Dog is also called the painted wolf.
  • The African Wild Dog was once widespread in Africa but is now a more reduced and scattered population.
  • The coat of the African Wild Dog is highly variable in pattern, but the tip of the tail is usually white.
  • Adult African Wild Dogs will spit up their food for their pups to eat.
  • African Wild Dogs can run around 34 mph, and can run nonstop for 3 miles.
  • African Wild Dog puppies have less than a 40% survival rate in the wild.
  • African Wild Dogs can catch diseases such as rabies and distemper from domestic dogs.

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